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ORIKA oriented towards a modern, innovative, and easy culinary session at home every day - Orika Spices India

ORIKA oriented towards a modern, innovative, and easy culinary session at home every day

Spice up your kitchens and cuisines with modern yet traditional and legendary flavours


Energetic, Enthusiastic, Inspiring & Limitless is what we can call the women of today... The entrepreneurial streak within the hearts of women today is making the world a better and brighter place! Akshita Budhiraja, an empowering entrepreneur under 30, is a fresh young mind who with her desire to be top of the line and the determination, has taken the spice industry by storm! Miles apart from home, while studying Marketing at the University of Manchester and working with Fortis Healthcare in the International market, she missed the scrumptious home-cooked meals and discovered the discomfort and struggles of perfecting the meals with limited herbs and spices. Following which, with much love, focus, and determination, she launched a premium gourmet spice & seasoning brand in 2018, we all know as Orika.


Having meticulously worked towards achieving goals and further on tying a matrimonial knot into a family of spice business lords, Paras Spice Company established since 1982, Akshita embraced her true calling. Becoming an integral part of a company, which is known for its unique & legendary array of spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables, chicory, and an exhaustive range of food ingredients, she learned about the product, produce & varieties that go beyond what an amateur couldn’t generally think past. Paras as a company are known to deliver excellence, quality & refined products to its customers for they have an ecstatic experience. It’s client diaries include some of the major giant food industry players such as Nestle, Pepsi, Jubilant, ITC, IFF et all and this makes it amongst the top 10  B2B spice companies.


Spice up your kitchens and cuisines with modern yet traditional and legendary flavours

We all know, Indian Culture is such, that it is believed, many forms of goddesses reside in a woman. To no surprise when Akshita stepped into the family of Paras Spice, the company witnessed a 100% growth, and needless to say, she brought in immense luck and charm too. It has an extensive range of food spice &ingredients with over 15000 tonnes of production every year. The company has a full-fledged program of sustainable sourcing at farms spread across 4 states in India. Supporting which, she had the vision to carry forward the legacy of the premium spice brand and come up with a B2C module. As the possibilities to explore and excel beyond limits were well within reach. She chose to expand the legendary brand produced in the retail sector and looking at the opportunity to fill in the void bringing the spice masterpieces to the local market, she chose to prioritize the noble cause which led to Orika’s inception. Her ambition and motivation pledge to spread her spice magic via Orika across the globe within 5 years!!


Striving for perfection and playing to the strengths, she nurtured Orika towards fuelling the gap and achieve a quick, easy, and yet a healthy way to fix mouth-watering meals by offering the optimum spice produce easily. Most of the seasonings of Orika have multiple uses, consistent taste, and save a lot of time. That all one wishes for isn't it?? Her motto is to help every soul prepare an innovative and enjoyable meal experience for themselves and their loved ones, with their premium range of seasonings and marinades. Basic spices to Luxury blend of spices; Orika is known to maintain the pristine quality of its products, which to no surprise are brought to the bench straight from its best origins known with optimum grades.


“We all know that the buying habits of the current day consumers have changed a lot and we are living in such unprecedented times in which people would prefer they get the safest quality products at their doorstep, hence we at Orika are trying to make both the shopping and cooking experience as easy as possible for our customers, “says, Akshita She focuses on her vision to promote solutions that help one create a heavenly meal cooked with ease and love, without slogging in the kitchen for hours! After all, a good meal that simply doesn't just satisfy the taste-buds but soothes the soul too, demands a perfect balance and melange of quality spices for a quintessential experience. There is no life without spice, we all know... be it an expert or an amateur everyone wants to create delicacies to be remembered... simple or sophisticated.


When a woman has her eyes set on a goal, she strives for an end to end perfection. Akshita is one such super-woman who prefers finesse over any faults. Being a woman whose soul knew marketing at fingertips, she wanted her product to be perfect inside-out, as she truly believed that a good product with a lousy packaging is of no use. Hence, she went on and focused on the right way to market her product. Her team, as talented and as skilled combined day and night to bring the products’ best face forward! She dint only opt for an eye-catching packing but also something easy to use. Her product packaging was so attractive and ergonomically designed that it got a feature on ‘’ that features some of the best packaging’s across the globe!


Today, Orika is available at more than 1500 outlets Across Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Luck now, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala, and Pathankot. Orika has found it’s a way now across major foodservice brands like Taj, Oberoi’s, and Eros Group of Hotels et al. Furthermore, focusing on easy availability, Orika products can be seen on various online portals like Amazon, Lbb, MilkBasket, Swiggy Grocery, etc. too.


Now everyone can cook a special meal and make it priceless with the right spice.


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