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Nurturing a Culture!

Sustainability is at the center of all that we do. At Orika, we have developed smarter manufacturing techniques and sustainable sourcing practices with prime focus on resiliency and long-term benefit of all the stake holders including farmers, consumers, environment and society at large.
We try to infuse the globally accepted sustainable farming practices while preserving the wisdom of traditional farming. This has helped the farmers in becoming more self-sufficient. At the same time, farmers are able to produce better Quality with lower ecological footprint.


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Why is Sustainable sourcing

need of the hour?

  • Environmental sustainability of farms
  • Safer spices
  • Lower ecological footprint
  • Transparent & leaner supply-chain improves Quality
  • Resilient livelihoods


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Orika Endeavors

  • Paras procures 45% of spices from sustainable or traceable means
  • Farm to table – farm level traceability
  • Enhanced profitability of farmer due to low usage of agricultural inputs
  • Enhanced profitability of farmer due to low usage of agricultural inputs
  • 100% Buy back of produce from farmers